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Meon Face bringing professional facial aesthetics to Petersfield in Hampshire

Botox and anti-wrinkle treatments at Meon Face in Petersfield Hampshire

Wrinkle relaxing injections, such as Botox can give a smoother, line free appearance and is effective for reducing lines and wrinkles on the forehead, upper lip and around the eyes.

Small doses of the wrinkle relaxant are injected into the wrinkle area which leads the muscle to relax, leaving the client with a softer, smoother, line free lace.

There is very little recovery time needed and the results can last for several months, giving the patient a boost in confidence and self-esteem which will last much longer than a new haircut or lipstick!

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of wrinkle relaxing injections at our Petersfield practice, or any of our other treatments see our website for more details


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For youthful hands visit Meon Face Petersfield Hampshire.


The skin on your hands is very delicate, it easily dries out and it often betrays our years because of the delicacy of the skin.  Along with the neck area, the hands are often a tell tale sign of aging and as they are usually on show, disguising this wear and tear can be nigh on impossible. Alongside the everyday care of hands such as regular hand cream applications and wearing gloves, we’d also recommend a specialist hand treatment from Meon Face, a skin and facial aesthetic clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire, at regular intervals.  We offer the very latest in techniques designed to bring out the very best in your hands, and taking years off in the process!

If you’d like to know more about our range of treatments please see our website:

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with Meon Face in Petersfield, Hampshire

Meon Face Skin & Facial Aesthetic Clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire

Winter is a particularly harsh time for your skin.  Just as it’s managed to cope with too much sun and not enough sun protection it’s battered with strong winds, freezing temperatures and the stress (and excess!) of Christmas & New Year!

Before the weather really takes a turn for the worse prepare your skin with some Skin Revitalisation treatments from Meon Face, a skin & facial aesthetic clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Alongside the essential skin and beauty treatments we also offer high end facial aesthetics, including anti wrinkle injections, chemical peels and IPL procedures.

If you’d like to find out more about the procedures and treatments we offer please look at our website.

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Chemical Peels from Meon Face in Petersfield

Meon Face in Petersfield Hampshire provide Chemical Peels and other facial aesthetics.








The chemical peels we offer at Meon Face skin and facial aesthetic clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire are used to improve and smooth the texture of facial skin.  We use a chemical solution that gently causes the dead skin to peel away, revealing the regenerated skin beneath.

The chemical peel treatment leaves the skin smoother and often less wrinkled than the old, giving you a wonderful glow and a boost in confidence!

If you’d be interested in finding out more about chemical peels, and the other facial aesthetic treatments we are able to provide at Meon Face in Petersfield, Hampshire then please give us a call on 01730 262500 or see our website

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