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Meon Face in Petersfield, Hampshire for treatments for excessive sweating.

Let Meon Face in Petersfield Hampshire combat excessive sweating.

I’m sure we’ve all suffered from a little embarrassing sweating at some point in our lives, outside of the gym that is? But what if you suffered with excessive sweating most of the time, even when it wasn’t hot and sunny? Imagine if you sweating profusely when under stress or at big social or work occasions – perhaps you don’t need to imagine….perhaps this is you?

If you are one of the thousands of people who suffer with excessive and embarrassing sweating every day then our clinic, Meon Face, in the heart of Petersfield in Hampshire might have the solution for you.

We offer a treatment which means excessive sweating could be a thing of the past, leaving you to really start enjoying life!

If you’d like to know more why not call our friendly, discreet team on 01730 262500 or see our website for more details



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Stop excessive sweating with the help of Meon Face 

Stop excessive sweating with treatments from Meon Face Petersfield Hampshire

The school holidays are fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be searching out some Summer sun….there’s not much around here at the moment after all!

But heading for the sun can come with some unwanted side effects, such as excessive sweating.  If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from excessive sweating you’ll know that it can rule your life.  Perhaps you like to holiday where there are laundry facilities or always go over on your luggage allowance if you fly – taking lots of extra clothes can weigh you down.  Well this Summer, don’t let sweat rule your life, dictate what you can wear or stop you going places or doing things you’d like!

At Meon Face in Petersfield, Hampshire, we are able to offer our clients injections which help prevent excessive sweating – but don’t prevent you having fun and excitement on your holidays….and beyond!

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