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Treatments to combat ageing at Meon Face in Petersfield Hampshire

Your décolletage area is very important when it comes to combating the unwanted signs of ageing.  Overtime this area looses both fat and volume leading the area too often look ‘crêpey’ or winkled, with fine lines.

At Meon Face in Petersfield, a facial aesthetic and skin clinic, we offer treatments designed to combat these signs of ageing and enhance this often ‘on show’ area.

If you think that your décolletage area may benefit from a treatment at Meon Face with one of our beauty experts then contact the friendly team on 01730 262500 or see our website for more details


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 Décolletage treatments for a more beautiful you at Meon Face in Petersfield Hampshire

Décolletage treatments from Meon Face

Like many thousands of women of a certain age, finding the perfect little black dress for that New Years Eve party, and beyond, can turn in to a nightmare.  As we age, there are certain areas of our bodies which are prone to show the unwanted signs of ageing and this includes the delicate décolletage area.  All too often the perfect party dress doesn’t take into consideration this area which people may not be comfortable showing off due to sun damage or wrinkles; and no-one wants to wear a polo neck to a party!

But there is a solution….

Meon Face in Petersfield can provide décolletage treatments which gently enhance the natural beauty of the area whilst improving the signs of aging, leaving you with a beautiful décolletage and full of confidence and self-esteem.

To find out more about our range of treatments for face & body see our website.

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with Meon Face in Petersfield

A more youthful you, courtesy of Meon Face in Petersfield

Whether male or female we can all worry unnecessarily about the unwanted signs of ageing.  From the first few grey hairs through to the deep frown lines and crow’s feet which can come with age; the signs of growing older are all around us.

Although we can all embrace growing old gracefully, we think there’s nothing wrong in giving Mother Nature a helping hand and this includes the range of non-invasive facial treatments and procedures we offer at Meon Face, a skin clinic in Petersfield Hampshire.

Our range of facial aesthetics includes fillers, plumper, peels, anti-wrinkle injections (sometimes known as Botox) and contouring.  We also offer the day to day beauty maintenance procedures, like manicures and facials so there really is a treatment to suit every purse.

If you’d like to know more about our range of procedures and skin products please call us on 01730 262500 or see our website for more details

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